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I wish the community of Path of Exile had been smart

I personally don't think its worth Chancing for any item that is worth more POE Chaos than you can physically hold in one inventory. Infact I wish the community of Path of Exile had been smart and never decided items could be worth 999,999,999 chaos to begin with, but what are you going to do.


Seriously though, what are you actually going to do with 2.5k Chaos other than spend it on another 2.5k item that is only priced that high because the item you just sold was sold for 2.5k? Its not like anyone out there is actually using Path of Exile Chaos for the effect it has on items.

I wish the community of Path of Exile had been smart

I mean sure, if you bought a ton of extra stash tabs and can physically hold that much poe currency, go ahead. But if you don't have the extra space what is the point in getting that much poe currency if you are going to have to immediately get rid of something that you might want to keep?


By inventory I was talking about the bag space on your character, not bank space.. And I know plenty of players who are very active that down own a currency tab so that really isn't helpful at all.


That honestly surprises me. Mostly because I know people who do trading like that and they almost never use Chaos's or Exalt's. Maybe one or two here but mostly they grab them for currency reasons.


If you have ever played Realm of The Mad God its a lot like the Path of Exile currency in that game. After a certain point you no longer need to use it for its original purpose and you just use it for trading and trading alone.

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