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I really really like summoner build in Path of Exile

In my opinion you might still be able to do golem build with just one might (for the anima stone). Of course you need to change the gameplay from Zigg's (not doing recasting golem). I have been running 3 golem build since Perandus league, without any of these jewels of course, and they have been performing really well. Better than midnight bargain specter in my opinion.


I really really like summoner build, been running 3 specs 3 golem 10 zoms since Perandus and they are working great, not the fastest clearer of course but I really like the idea of shepherding a bunch of minions. Yes I have been waiting for Golems MTX if that is in near future.

I really really like summoner build in Path of Exile

The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that the jewel might cost quite some (hopefully wont break 1 ex each). I might even start with golem builds again in breach but again, that is only viable if Clayshaper price dont get too crazy high cause of these jewels.


I really prefer controlled destruction over concentrated effect (Flame Golem+Fire Pen+Spell Echo+Minion Damage+Controlled Destruction). The beacon of corruption pools and the golems' aoe spells are already quite small and I found decreasing it further to be rather frustrating. My variation uses ball lightning with Greater Multiple Projectiles to proc Elemental Equilibrium & flammability with Curse On Hit. Supplementary damage from a Summon Raging Spirit spell totem (grabbed the increased duration nodes) and zombies for a defensive wall. I've got about 600 hours of playtime and so far this really feels like the most powerful build I've ever played for what it's worth.

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