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Eternal orbs still exist in standard

Just because GGG has a history of shitting in the dumpster league doesnt mean we cant make it better by taking this opportunity to correct the eternal mistake once and for all. worse case scenario, if they bring back eternals they can just merge the leagues back into standard.


Well, they did fix desync, and they did fix the temp leagues but standard is still fucked. though honestly, not many people even crafted with eternals in the temp leagues, so it isnt that much of a fix. what we really need is to get rid of all the eternal orb influence in standard, or make a new dumpster league without eternals and eternalled mirror-able items destroying the market.

Eternal orbs still exist in standard

I know, and i love this change. believe me, it's the best thing in the world. i've played for over 4 years and i remember how amazing it was and how horrified we all were when the eternals came out. however eternal orbs still exist in standard, so perfect mirror gear will appear within days. the very fact that they exist will make people want to save up for them. its a commodity that people need. everyone is going to want to kill Malachai with 1.2m lowlife spectral throw dps again. it will again flood the market and the only place that your theory will actually take place is in temporary leagues. after 3 months its mixed back to the destroyed standard economy and suddenly your weapon is worthless. suddently you need the new loath bane, suddently axn offers to let you mirror his for the low cost of 2 mirrors. basically, this only fixes temporary leagues temporarily, once it reverts to standard we still have an issue.


I just think that the post-eternal economy should be seperate from the current one so that people can continue to use their gear without constantly being haunted by people who have legacy gear. this is already a problem in standard, but legacy rares like loath bane are more of a problem than a legacy perfect shavronnes wrappings will ever be, because it still exists and can still be mirrored.

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considering how attached Grinding Gear Games seems to be to the Mirror idea

The only league where eternals were making a serious impact with regard to "6 T1" items are the permanent leagues.

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