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ID depend on it for sketchy gear ok es and high HP Rolls

I don think ID depend on it for sketchy gear ok es and high HP Rolls on es gear is easy to land, its going to be the pots that would enable this as a utility, id like to see stone golem with zealots oath if you can stack the jewels of the same name to get 90/120% of the stone golem regen to be able to mitigate bloodrage for melee damage on full life hybrid, if not armor/es gear is going to have to be invested in either aegis/ or just a good gg es/armor shield or pure es shield for a slayer or inquisitor caster or attack based(on char) is my goal for this league lol. ESP if the % to attack and cast speed stacks as well as the jewels for the golems i will just 1 link a stone golem and get the 90/120% of regen to my es if its a high enough pool it should be tasty, esp coupled with block. slayer seems more natural for the endless leech to keep hp up...but idk if it will be bugged...most likely. Could go wander too...but i want to use Melee Damage on Full Life. If this stacks and can be used as a utility esp in non hc scenarios it will be a huge over price in non hc. On utility alone 3-4, or (5) jewels[non hp 35%~28% max hp loss] but hybrid centered with block and Melee Damage on Full Life crit. will survive off pots lol. Fingers crossed they can stack since the 3 others said not "limited" that would be 16% ISA/cast speed for golems x the amount of jewels too (eliminating the "need" for the aggro one IMO) as well considering if u run 4 + the extra golem jewel you can get the ice/lighting golem you use to proc its status often id imagine or hope.

ID depend on it for sketchy gear ok es and high HP Rolls

If they stack im going to try a forced zealots oath build be it mom eb, or blood magic caster who knows with stone golem just 1 lmao 90% buff for regen i wonder if i can go slayer zealots oath melee damage on full life dream possible? Block+zealots oath so much to consider caster or attack good lord. 48% cast/attack speed for golems if possible too? + golem of choice after stone golem if you invest into the extra golem say ice for attack/crit based builds that lack accuracy or lightning for RT...Not just as an elementalist/necromancer. Though i am even happier that summoner(core summoner) builds are becoming more and more diverse and core builds are still also becoming more diverse. "core" in the sense of how many fire ball builds, or ice nova builds or etc there are since their inductions into the game or even lightning strike. I really want/have to make a slayer/inquisitor as both attack based and cast based crit now as new sc temp league builds lol. I mostly solo so this should be fun. Being able to actually attempt a es/hp based build and melee damage on full life. Rumis and es shield ftw lol cant wait if i can ill hope to do a wand build too. Either way i want these jewels for crasy std builds so ill probably invest in them as league goals lol. Esp if they stack.

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