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PoE 3.3 Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build | Crushing Maps

I have learned a lot from the top ladder sunder pushers, so I am going to create my own Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build for the new PoE 3.3 patch, I think my build would be useful and resilient in Incursion league. And if you are new to PoE, this build could be also a good starter build for you. 


PoE 3.3 Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build | Crushing Maps


Gladiator vs Slayer


Just go Gladiator unless you have haemophilias


If you're playing SSF and wish to push ladder, Glad is certainly what you want unless of course, you have haemophilias. Slayer obvious speed is just garbage without any bloodstream explosions when compared with Glad. Also, obtaining the Uber lab ascendancy points will require quite a while for the way lucky you're so more often than not you'll be tied to only Slayer's over leech with no culling while Gladiator comes online immediately after cruel lab.


A small thing that annoys me is the fact that the Slayer's small increased damage nodes are for 2h weapons only but really doesn't mean a whole lot.


Screenshot of Stats:

PoE 3.3 Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build PIC 1

PoE 3.3 Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build PIC 2


Pantheon & Bandits

If you are really pushing ladder go ALIRA for the RES. If not, KILL ALL like a normal player.



Major: Soul Of lunaris

Minor: Tukohama



Major: Arakaali

Minor: Whatever you like, I would go for Shakari for Incursion



Main Link 

Sunder + Multistrike + Melee Phys + Chance to bleed + Ruthless + Maim/Faster Attacks/Damage on Full Life

Maim if you have Prismatic Eclipse

Faster Attacks if you have a Shaper weapon in the offhand

Damage on Full Life if you are a Slayer

Note if you are a slayer AND using a shaper weapon(do not recommend) then replace Ruthless with Faster Attacks

We DO NOT use Concentrated Effect as it hinders our Sunder's shockwaves AOE thus reducing our AOE OVERLAP when hitting into packs. It provides a better single target/tooltip, however, lowers our clear speed. Don't wheelchair yourself.



Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic/Endurance Charge On Melee Stun/Culling Strike


Blood Magic until you get a Soul Taker

Culling Strike in a theory may be decent if you are a GLAD and have a Soul Taker



Hatred + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armor

Arctic Armor once you have Soul Taker



Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Enfeeble



Blood Rage + Blood Magic

Only need Blood Magic if you are using a Soul Taker


Vaal Double Strike + Ancestral Warchief

If still have more sockets you can link these to Maim/Blind/Melee Phys/Culling depending on your ascendancy/wants/needs


Leveling & Tips

Some leveling a few things I approach, and not the be all and finish all, play any way you like.

Cleave the right path to Sunder, Sunder the right path to 100.

Onslaught inside your primary link until your attack speed seamless comfort, swap for Faster Attacks on bosses if it's not already associated with Faster Attacks

Faster Attacks over Multistrike til you have enough attack speed not to be glued down with Multistrike, It's my job to swap around maps

Long lasting Cry for endurance charges in early stages for existence regen/RES/Phys reduction

Bloodstream Rage As soon as possible use existence flask to offset degen

Faster Attacks associated with Leap Slam As soon as possible. Running sucks.

Make certain your Leap Slam has got the "always attack without moving" option selected

Hate for bosses, always on when you hit a4-a5

Never upgrade past Colossal mana flask (Level 30) it'll sustain you before you get leech

Roll a Viridian Jewel for mana leech like a GLAD while you will not be close to the mana leech node like a Slayer could be


Current Gladiator Gear


All products are replaceable so do not concern yourself about getting the very same products. Actually make certain not to copy my amulet, the opportunity to gain power charges really counter functions the entire reason I run Ahn's Contempt(50% reduced extra damage obtained from crits without any power charges). Also when you are enough attack speed you need to swap the Prismatic Eclipse for any nicely folded Shaper weapon. I had been too lazy to upgrade gear following a certain point. The corruptions are simply extra and never needed.


PoE 3.3 Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build Gear 1


Slayer Gear from Flashback


PoE 3.3 Gladiator/Slayer Sunder Build Gear 2


PoB & Skill Trees


If you don't use Path of Building, this is the time for something new! End up being the tooltip warrior everybody wants to become. In case you really don't want to use PoB you can easily check my profile(JPNoHope and SirJP), most commonly it is public.


How I allocate my skill points

Go to Dervish

Ranger and grab the dual wield nodes(don't fill in the life nodes unless you need it)

Back to duelist area grab Cloth and Chain for early game RES. Respec out of it once you have good RES

Berserking and Duality if you have that on your tree. Grab Constitution

Axe dmg nodes

Resolute Technique/Life nodes/leech nodes whichever ones you need/want


Glad: https://pastebin.com/rVCvg8Ud

Slayer: https://pastebin.com/Y16fnbkA


*Note* for Incursion I would get Phase Acro on Slayer just for the ancient constructs that shoot the spell phys/chaos dmg shit.

Something like this: https://pastebin.com/hynQqZMt


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